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Machine Design

Making it easier to tap containers

Getting chemicals out of rigid containers can be messy and dangerous.

DrumQuik Pro, a closed-loop approach from Colder Products Co., St Paul (, simplifies the task and makes it safer for humans and the environment. The reusable devices, which are said to be inexpensive enough for one-time-use applications, are made of food-grade polyethylene with stainless-steel springs and food-grade EPDM seals. These materials withstand exposure to harsh environments and hazardous liquids.

The device features a one-piece dip tube and drum closure that saves time when changing drums and reduces spills. A port lets air into the drum so it can be emptied without releasing vapors. The insert and coupler operate in temperatures from 32 to 135°F, and flows out of the coupler can be as high as 10 gpm.


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