Machine Design

Swiss Turning and Laser Cutting on One Machine

It's possible to perform Swiss-turning and laser-cutting operations without switching machines when using the SS207-5AX LaserSwiss.


Live cutting demos using the SS207-5AX LaserSwiss—a machine that lets manufacturers perform Swiss-turning and laser-cutting operations on one machine—will take place at Tsugami/Rem Sales’s Booth #1117 this week at MD&M West. Tsugami/Rem Sales is the North American importer of Precision Tsugami machine tools.

The Tsugami SS207-5AX LaserSwiss is “a 7-axis Swiss turn with a servo-driven B-axis. The B-axis live tools cut in coordination with the C axis, facilitating the ability to quickly cut precise angles and sculpted contours,” says Tsugami/Rem Sales Vice President Mike Mugno. It holds 33 tools, as well as the SPI Fiber Laser, which comes in 250- or 400-W versions.

All operations are programmed and driven from the machine’s Fanuc 31i-B5 control. The laser nozzle standoff adjustment is NC-controlled. Furthermore, “on-the-fly” adjustments can be made to the laser’s power level, frequency, pulse width, and lens focus.

The company will also demonstrate thread whirling on the S206 CNC lathe at MD&M. The S206 has an electronic servo-driven guide bushing and up to 39 tool positions. It has a convertible 20-mm, 6-axis Swiss turn, meaning it can be run as a traditional sliding headstock machine with a guide bushing or as a chucker without the guide bushing.


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