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The Taiwan Pavilion is located in the North Building Hall B N68706899 Courtesy of Oscar Einzig and IMTS
<p>The Taiwan Pavilion is located in the North Building, Hall B, N-6870-6899.</p>

Taiwan Technologies to Influence Smart-Manufacturing Worldwide

With over 110 exhibitors at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), Taiwan showcases its latest smart-manufacturing machinery and equipment. As the fifth largest exporter of machine tools and components in the world, Taiwan is expected to make significant contributions to Industry 4.0 worldwide, especially in China and the U.S., which make up its largest export markets.

Yesterday, Sept. 14, 19 exhibitors in the Taiwan Pavilion participated in a press conference organized by the Bureau of Foreign Trade and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TETDC). They presented smart equipment related to aerospace machining, machining centers, gear grinding and finishing machines, engine-case manufacturing, wheel machining automation,and other machining sectors.

Following talks from Taiwanese educational institutions, research institutes, and companies touching upon new smart machine-tool manufacturing capabilities, a speaker from the e-Manufacturing Research Center at National Cheng Kung University presented his automatic virtual metrology (AVM) inspection system for automated wheel-machining and mass-production of engine cases. By performing real-time measurements delivered directly to online databases, AVM systems are expected to be the leading technology for “Industry 4.1”, which promises extremely high precision engineering for virtually defect-free mass-produced products.

Next up were presenters for smart gear-grinding and finishing machines that generate the NC code automatically after data input. This feature comes with a range of benefits, enabling technicians to change input data settings via Teamviewer or Skype, and accommodating automatic loading and unloading by robots.

Exhibitors also presented Industry-4.0 production lines that incorporate features including integrated robot control, real-time remote monitoring, and production and quality traceability. New five-axis horizontal machining centers were demonstrated, proving to be 20% more productive and 20% more cost-effective for manufacturing aerospace-engine casings.

In addition to presenters from e-Manufacturing Research Center at National Cheng Kung University, representatives from the Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI), Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), and various Taiwanese machinery manufacturers participated in the press conference. Other exhibitors in the Pavilion include Apex Precision Technology, Autocam Technology, Best Diamond Industrial, Century Trading, City Tools, Copartner Tech, Donje Industry, Frejoth International, Homge Machinery, Jeton R&D & Mfg., Kontec Precision Industrial, L.K. Machinery, Ya Suh Dar Ventilation, Yager Gear Enterprise, Yeoshe Hydraulics, and Zong Yih Rubber Industrial.

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