Valveless, ceramic pumps

The PDS-100 Programmable Dispensing System uses valveless pumping that accurately delivers gearbox lubricating grease, independent of viscosity, at pressures low enough to prevent seal damage to the gearbox.

The unit comes in both single and dual-channel configurations. Dispense and metering rates range from a few microliters per dispense up to 768‑ml/min continuous metering.

The pumps have only one moving part in contact with the fluid. The sapphire-hard internal components and valveless design eliminate accuracy drift typical of pumps that rely on valves, diaphragms, peristaltic tubing, and pressurized feed lines for fluid delivery.

Fluid Metering Inc., 5 Aerial Way, Suite 500, Syosset , NY 11791, (800) 223-3388,

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