Tough tools handle high torque and force

May 1, 2010
Applications involving extreme torque and force can take a toll on components and machines alike. Included here are some of the latest components to help

Applications involving extreme torque and force can take a toll on components and machines alike. Included here are some of the latest components to help your designs stand up to tough environments.

Digital gages measure force economically

Newly released DFG31 digital force gages are equipped with many useful features at an economical price: A large, easy to read, high-resolution dot matrix LCD supports a variety of standard gage functions including normal and peak readings. Gages are available in seven ranges, from 2 to 500 lb force, and offer measurement accuracy better than 0.25% full scale. Loads are displayed in ozf, gf, lbf, kgf, and Newtons. Gages offer high accuracy, CE compliance, battery operation, and include a NIST Calibration Certificate.

Omega Engineering Inc.
(203) 359-1660

Stepping motors combine high torque and efficiency

PKE high torque, high-efficiency stepping motors can be driven at continuous duty cycles. With new materials and advanced stator and rotor design and construction, the motors produce 1.2 to 1.5 times more torque than conventional designs. Key benefits include 78% lower heat generation, constant duty operation, and up to 40% less power consumption when compared to traditional models. Motors are available with a standard shaft or double shafts and both unipolar and bipolar windings. Output torque ranges from 34 to 77.8 oz-in.

Oriental Motor USA Corp.
(800) 468-3982

Chipping machine gains fuel efficiency from electric motor

Bandit Industries, Remus, Mich., manufactures chippers, stumpers, and waste reduction machines, basing many of its innovations on unique application requirements such as cleanup after Hurricane Katrina. However, as the worldwide economic crisis began to place a burden on many businesses with heavy equipment, Bandit began fielding requests for greater efficiency. Fuel costs were skyrocketing, and many land clearers, wood recyclers, and municipalities found that much of their equipment — which relies heavily on diesel fuel — was becoming too expensive to operate.

That's when Bandit came up with a solution. The company's “Beast” horizontal grinder, used to reduce large diameter materials and wood waste, incorporates a cutting action as opposed to the typical beating action to break down material. Because the cutting is similar to using an axe rather than a sledgehammer, these units are already some of the most fuel-efficient on the market. But even the most fuel-savvy grinder can bear a heavy burden on a company's financials when oil prices reach upwards of $120 per barrel. After much research, Bandit decided to introduce an electric motor from WEG Electric Corp., Duluth, Ga., as an option on its Beast Recyclers. Users soon realized an enormous savings in energy costs and maintenance for stationary grinding applications.

Another advantage: The range of power and torque an electric motor provides also helps the Beast adjust well to a wide range of materials. The WEG motors that Bandit uses for chipping are the same as those used in heavy-duty rock crushers, so they can easily withstand the shock loads found in waste reduction applications. The Beast is finding use in a wide variety of applications, for example, shingle grinding for new roadways and grinding dense bales of straw to create a product that supplies coal-fired electrical plants. The Beast can handle trees, leaves, brush, stumps, palm fronds, sawmill and logging waste, pallets, housing demolition, railroad ties, wet or dry newspaper, cardboard, and asphalt to boot.

Tough sensor compound withstands high force

Supreme 45HTQ sensor epoxy is for bonding and encapsulating transducers, gauges, actuators, and sensors in harsh environments. The combination of a quartz filler and a special amine compound forms a tough epoxy that survives the high temperatures and natural gamma radiation found in drilling and extraction operations. Supreme 45HTQ is capable of withstanding even the most severe conditions with its high resistance to chemicals, acids, oils, as well as water and steam. Tensile strength exceeds 8,500 psi and compressive strength is greater than 20,000 psi.

Master Bond Inc.
(201) 343-8983

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Torque limiter includes flexible coupling

Integrating a mechanical torque limiter into a high horsepower driveline typically means modifying or purchasing a customized flexible coupling, or fabricating a shaft adapter to allow a standard coupling to be used. Instead, the new ST2 series allows for one compact unit to be installed, saving space and cost. The ST2 uses a vibration damping, jaw-type coupling in conjunction with an accurate torque limit function. After reaching the preset disengagement value (anywhere from 738 to 118,000 ft-lb), the coupling disengages and freely rotates over a high strength internal bearing until the machine shuts down, preventing gearbox and shaft damage.

R+W America
(630) 521-9911

Gearmotor delivers high torque, quiet operation

The WX high-torque gearhead is now available with a new three-wire-reversible 34R frame ac induction motor; they're designed to drive applications such as conveyor systems and packaging equipment. The WX gearhead's exterior is identical to previous W models, but the inside has been redesigned. Steel helical gears and synthetic lubricant provide up to 50% more torque than previous models. The steel gearing is designed to AGMA 9 standards to ensure quiet operation, while synthetic lubricant allows these unvented gearmotors to operate over a wide temperature range. Gear ratios range from 4:1 to 312:1.

Bodine Electric Company
(773) 478-3515

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