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Complementing automation architecture with component infrastructure

May 1, 2011
Measuring the value that an individual component imparts to a machine is difficult, but quality components mean the difference between satisfying uptime commitments and lost customer productivity.

Automation controls represent a major machine-design investment. Beyond selecting the right controller and HMI, machine builders must also select components that boost performance.

When machine builders view the entire automation bill of materials as a comprehensive system and select components designed for integration with the control and information architecture, they can improve machine performance and uptime for the end user.

Rockwell Automation uses a systematic approach to helping designers with Infrastructure for the Architecture for:

  • Improving the reliability and accuracy of analog control circuits; reducing control-panel cost, and simplifying wiring

  • Utilizing existing controller I/O without purchasing expansion modules

  • Protecting controllers, HMIs, and other devices from short circuits and voltage transients

  • Keeping critical networks, controls, and HMIs operating during power failure; restoring production when power returns

  • Reducing wiring and helping avoid errors in new installations or when retrofitting legacy systems.

Tools speed design

Machine builders spend significant time on control design, which is why any savings here is advantageous. Application development tools expedite implementation of controls, allowing builders to concentrate on machine design rather than cumbersome preparation work and structural details.

To this end, Connected Components Building Blocks from Rockwell Automation significantly reduce the design cycle — and the need to refer to multiple vendor manuals.

Leverage support from selection to maintenance

During product selection, machine builders can rely on Rockwell Automation; further into the design process, they can leverage the company's configuration and installation support to reduce programming and training costs.

Once the machine is up and running, long-term support for end users continues: With a supply and support network that encompasses 5,000 consultation and support personnel, and authorized distributors in more than 80 countries, Rockwell Automation can provide parts and support around the world.

Accelerator Toolkits

Rockwell Automation Accelerator Toolkits provide machine builders with tools for integration. The kits include a myriad products — from a stand-alone MicroLogix to an Integrated Architecture system … including configuration, visualization, data acquisition, and connectivity to enterprise systems. Visit

Programmable controller

For small standalone machines, Allen-Bradley Micro800 component-class micro controllers can be used with Allen-Bradley component-class drive, motion control, and operator interface products. Available soon.


Allen-Bradley 800B 16 mm pushbuttons reduce downtime with LED pilot lights that indicate if a motor is in operation, and trigger-action emergency-stop (E-stop) devices that cease motion, to improve worker safety. Visit

Connected Components Workbench software

Workbench software follows IEC-61131 standards and allows machine builders to program controllers and configure other devices. Available soon.

Component servo drive

The Allen-Bradley Kinetix 3 drive from Rockwell Automation comes in models as small as 50 W and allows tailoring of axes to actual power requirements.


Photoelectric stainless-steel sensors

42CS photoelectric and 871TS inductive sensor families withstand the washdowns, temperatures, and corrosive cleaners of the food and beverage industry — with stainless-steel construction and IP69K enclosures. Visit

Allen-Bradley component terminals

PanelView Component Graphic Terminals are displays with keypads or touch screens — in 2 to 10-in. color and monochrome displays. Built-in (and offline) design software eliminates the need for PC-based software installation. Communication ports support myriad networks.


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