Enhancing Robotics Applications with Rotary Unions and Slip Rings

Nov. 20, 2023
Moog GAT’s combinations of rotary unions and electrical slip rings provides for rotation at the joint of the tool interface.

Seamless and continuous rotation at the joint of a tool interface is important in robotics. Moog GAT blends rotary unions and electrical slip rings to enhance these capabilities.

A key area where this technology excels is with cobots, which are designed to work alongside humans, especially in assembly tasks, facilitating human-robot collaboration (HRC). Moog GAT’s combination streamlines robot-guided, automated screwdriving processes specifically suited for plastic screws, including real-time torque monitoring.

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The screw is guided and positioned using a vacuum, and a calibrated control loop automatically halts the tightening process upon reaching the maximum torque, providing precision and control to the process. The steel shaft in this combination can absorb the resultant forces and torques while optimized for weight, making it a good fit for robots with lower load capacities.

PROFINET Transmission

The company also offers reliable transmission of PROFINET. By integrating an electrical slip ring for communication—specifically industrial Ethernet—alongside eight pneumatic channels, the technology provides seamless rotations the exceed 360 deg. while enabling multiple clamping processes. Continuous monitoring and communication capabilities make this setup suitable for a range of applications. The device can accommodate torques corresponding to the size, and the eight pneumatic channels enable flexible use in changing tasks or a later production system upgrade.

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