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3D printing takes DVM from prototype to production

3D printing takes DVM from prototype to production

The initial version of Redfish’s iDVM, a digital voltmeter that works with Apple products, was 3D printed by Quickparts.

The iDVM, a voltmeter that works with Apple iPhones, iPods, and iPod-touches, sped through development thanks to help from the prototyping firm

Engineers at Redfish Instruments, Santa Cruz, developed functional prototypes of the iDVM for review and testing before finalizing the design and sourcing parts.

They used and its online quoting services to order black, ABS-like SLA prototypes for the top and bottom of the iDVM case. After initial testing, Redfish and Quickparts engineers revised the design and then Quickparts made cast urethane preproduction parts to evaluate design, color, function, and finish texture.

When it came time for final production parts, Quickparts produced the aluminum injection molds used to make production-quantity components out of UL94V0 black ABS.

Resources: Quickparts, Redfish Instruments

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