Stainless-steel bands make for durable rodless cylinder

Oct. 25, 2007
Rodless MX cylinders from Tolomatic, Hamel, Minn., give users choices between three bearing technologies, each with a track record of long operational lives: THK caged ball for less friction, higher load and bending moments, and a longer life; solid field-replaceable bearings for up to 59% less stress; and internal bearings which are lubed for life and have the lowest breakaway pressures.

Stainless-steel bands keep out contaminants while not expanding like elastomer bands, letting them last longer and work better. The steel bands also resist pressure spikes generated during highvelocity cushion impacts. The piston is separated from the load, even when the carrier deflects, further extending the piston seals’ service life. Other features include durable, custom-formulated polyurethane seals, clear anodized aluminium extrusions, adjustable cushions, mounted shocks, double or single-end porting, and drop-in and easyto- locate switches. The cylinder is available in both inch and metric versions.

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