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Oct. 27, 2011
The line includes both solvent-based and aqueous rust preventatives.

Twelve different aqueous and solvent-based inhibitors and sealants prevent rust and corrosion on metal surfaces. The different product formulations provide different levels of protection on different metals and address handling, shipping, storage, removability, and post-treatment situations. Eight of the products are solvent based and provide up to 120 hr of salt-spray protection per ASTM B117 and/or ASTM D1748 with slightly oily water-displacing films, dry-to-touch, non-oily sealants, and soft-waxy, self-healing films including some low-VOC versions. A water-dilutable oil, a satin-gloss acrylic wax, a high-gloss urethane polymer sealant, and a high-gloss acrylic polymer emulsion are water based and offer up to 48 hr of salt-spray protection with minimal VOC content and no flash point.
The products come in 5 and 55-gal containers. A reference chart can help users select the product that provides the best protection, lubricity, dryness, and aesthetics for the application.

Birchwood Casey, 7900 Fuller Rd., Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55344, (952) 937-7931,

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