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Flexible vinyl compounds

Flexible vinyl compounds, with plasticizers based on renewable resources, are suitable for applications such as automotive windows, medical tubing, and footwear.
The BioVinyl flexible-vinyl compounds use phthalate-free, bio-based Ecolibrium plasticizers. The plasticizers are manufactured using plant by-products by Dow Electrical and Telecommunications, a unit of The Dow Chemical Co. Life-cycle analysis tests indicate that every ton of vinyl compound made with flexible Ecolibrium helps reduce carbon-dioxide-equivalent emissions by 0.7 ton, or 41%.
The plasticizers are derived from naturally occurring vegetable substances not used for food. A number of grades have been developed for standard flexible vinyl applications, such as irrigation tubing and building and construction seals and gaskets. The bio-based plasticizer also exhibits greater plasticizing efficiency than most common phthalates.
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