Machine Design

Material Testing Machines from MTI Instruments Work with Microscopes

Engineers and designers interested in crack propagation, grain rotation, and other effects of mechanical stress can now get up close and personal with material testing, thanks to a module from MTI Instruments, Albany, N.Y. ( The device, which the company got when it acquired Fullam‘s line of tensile-stage products, works with scanning-electron microscopes, atomic-force microscopes, and light microscopes. The aluminum-alloy device can carry out tensile, compression, bending, and facture tests, with optional heaters and coolers available for simulating low and high-temperature environments. And testing can be monotonic, segmented, or cyclic. Dual leadscrews keep load samples centered within a scope’s field of view. MTESTQuatro software from ADMET Inc., Norwood, Mass., controls experiments and collects data.

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