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Materials Engineering: Glass-Clear Prototypes are Tough as Nails

Rapid prototypes made from Ren- Shape SL 7870 look like glass.

But with a notched Izod impact strength of 1.15 ft-lb/in., a 286 to 333-ksi flexural modulus, and a 10 to 22% elongation, they reportedly take more of a licking than competing clear stereolithography (SL) materials. The SL 7870 photopolymer also maintains long-term dimensional stability in warm/humid (40C and 90% R/H) environments. The low-viscosity material joins a family of antimony free RenShape photopolymers from Huntsman Advanced Materials, The Woodlands, Tex. It also is a candidate for parts needing high-quality, smooth surface finishes and a precise replication of intricate detail.

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RenShape SL 7870 is compatible with solid-state laser and SLA systems and conforms to FDA USP 23 Class VI standards for use in medical modeling and prototyping. It is also a candidate for building investment-casting patterns.

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