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U.S. Exports and Imports of Fasteners Spike

U.S. Exports and Imports of Fasteners Spike

After shrinking in February, imports and exports of iron and steel fasteners jumped in March as Asian imports rebounded, according to figures from Zepol Corp., a firm that monitors international trade. Imports of these fasteners into the U.S. jumped 54% to $516.45 million in March, while exports of these also grew, increasing 13% to $343.7 million.

The top five countries sending fasteners to the U.S. in March were Taiwan (up 75% month-to-month to $182.1 million); China (up 66.7% to $117.5 million); Japan (up 97.6% to $66.8 million); Germany (up 7.7% to $33.4 million); and Canada (up 13.4% to $28.7 million).

The top five consumers of U.S. fasteners in March were Mexico (up 9.1% month-to-month to $114.9 million); Canada (up 7.4% to $81.3 million); China (up 5.7% to $16.8 million); the UK (up 16.5% to $15.5 million); and Germany (up 7.2% to $10.4 million).

Both U.S. fastener exports and imports faltered in February, with exports dropping 2% to $303.3 million and imports falling 26% to $336.2 million.

In 2014, U.S. fastener exports rose 6.7% to $3.84 billion, while fastener imports grew 8.7% to $4.88 billion.

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