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Engineering Academy Adds Power Systems Design to Lineup

June 7, 2022
The June 30 educational event from Machine Design, in conjunction with Electronic Design, will feature essential DC-DC power-supply design content.

Power supplies and power-management systems are fundamental to any electronics solution. They are logically simple but can be challenging to design or select, especially when one wants to minimize cost, optimize efficiency, and improve robustness. One particular aspect of power-supply solutions—DC-DC converters—has become vital in applications ranging from mobile devices using minute amounts of power to electric vehicles. 

As part of its new Engineering Academy educational platform in conjunction with Electronic DesignMachine Design's June 30 event, Power Systems Design, delves into DC-DC power-supply design issues as well as power delivery and management solutions for embedded systems. 

As part of each session, attendees will gain insights from industry leaders and subject-matter experts around a wide range of DC-DC converter topics.

A robust panel discussion will cover DC-DC converters used in power-supply solutions. Our panelists are:

  • Vijay Viswanathan, Product Marketing Manager, Infineon
  • Terry Cleveland, Director of Design Architecture and Applications Engineering, Microchip
  • Carsten Oppitz, Vice President and General Manager, Buck Switching Regulators, Texas Instruments

Technical sessions will include:

GaN Technology Driving Power Density in Data Centers

Alex Lidow, CEO of Efficient Power Conversion (EPC), will discuss how stringent power requirements demanded by servers performing high-end computation functions is driving change in basic power-conversion architecture. With board space at a premium, high-power-density architectures become the holy grail for power systems.

From Datasheet to Design: Thermal Design for Modern DC-DC Converters

Texas Instruments’ semiconductor industry marketing manager, Dorian Brillet de Candé, will provide a tutorial on the thermal demands of high-power-density designs for next-generation products. Attendees will learn how to read and interpret datasheet thermal metrics such as ΘJA and ΨJT for TI’s Flipped Die on Lead Frame (HotRod) packages, and how to gather necessary information from efficiency and typical thermal performance curves. Also highlighted will be how to build effective thermal layouts and showcase studies of the tradeoffs for routing, layer count, and thermal vias on thermal performance.

Testing DC-DC Power Supplies

Tom Neville, technology manager for power electronics at Rohde & Schwarz, will explore issues and solutions involved with testing the latest DC-DC converters.

Registration is free, and prizes can be won by active session visitors that aggregate the most points!

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