Altech Lsf & Rt Series Disconnect Switches Pr

Altech Motor Disconnect Switches Provide Safe De-Energizing of Electrical Circuits

July 10, 2023
Altech’s load-safe LSF Series and RT Series non-fusible motor disconnect switches and accessories de-energize electrical circuits for safe maintenance, repairs, inspections and emergencies.

RS has expanded its selection of Altech disconnect switches with the company’s LSF Series and RT Series non-fusible motor disconnect switches, which are designed to provide safe and easy ways to open and close a circuit. Because disconnect switches isolate shutdowns, they make it safe for personnel to work on machinery without affecting the function of the rest of the facility.

Features of the motor disconnect switches include:

  • compliant with UL60947-4-1A
  • rated up to 600V AC and 60V DC; 16, 30 and 40A; and 3-20 hp
  • one normally open or normally closed screw terminal auxiliary contact
  • load-safe design for make-or-break operation semi-independent from handle actuation speed.

Accessories for both series of non-fusible motor disconnect switches include door interlock handles, door mounting handles and auxiliary switches with screw terminals. Handle options include standard black or yellow and red handles.

LSF Series Disconnect Switches

These disconnect switches feature an integrated base designed for DIN-rail and direct mounting. They have a long door interlock shaft that extends through the panel door. A door interlock handle on the outside of a panel door allows for operation from the outside of the control panel while the switch is mounted inside. This series is available with 100 mm, 200 mm and 300 mm slanted steel shafts.

RT Series Disconnect Switches

Designed with an integrated face for door or side-panel mounting, this series of non-fusible disconnect switches are dual AC/DC rated and have rear-facing terminals for easy installation. A counter nut allows for easy door- or panel-mount installation.

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