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Festo Launches MS-Basic Line of Pneumatic Service Units

Sept. 27, 2023
The MS-Basic pneumatic service units in polymer housings are compatible with Festo’s premium MS line of service units.

Components in the MS-Basic line include pressure regulators, filter regulators, on/off and start valves and manual on/off valves with filter/regulator combinations. This line is designed to be a combination of low-cost basic functions with high-end functionality.

Key features of the MS-Basic line of pneumatic service units include:

  • Lightweight pressure regulators and filter regulators
  • Electric on/off and soft-start valves
  • Online configurator to customize air preparation systems
  • Festo pneumatic essentials program.

Functionality on a Budget

The regulators offer a high flow rate of up to 6,000 l/min, and their polymer materials reduce unit weight by up to 30%, according to a company press release. An integrated filter in the transparent bowl accommodates easy and space-saving filter changes as well as a clear indication of dirt accumulation.

Manual or fully automatic condensate drains ensure process reliability and protection against contamination. Additionally, the soft-start valve gradually builds working pressure before switching to full set pressure.

The MS-Basic units are featured in Festo’s initiative to streamline ordering. The program includes essential pneumatic components such as high-wear polyurethane tubing, one-way flow control valves and repairable pneumatic cylinders. It is designed to boost machine performance, lower waste and reduce downtime in compact and energy-efficient machines.

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