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Ruland’s Zero-Backlash Jaw Couplings for Start-Stop Applications

Nov. 28, 2023
Customizable jaw couplings are designed with failsafe features and comply to industry standards.

Designed as a three-piece assembly, these couplings can accommodate high acceleration and deceleration curves that result in peak torque. They are suited for systems that experience hard starts, hard stops or reversals, including medical, semiconductor, test and measurement, and robotics applications.

Key features of the jaw couplings include:

  • Balanced design for high demands
  • Peak torque management
  • Customizable and failsafe design
  • Compliant with RoHS3 and REACH.

Ruland’s jaw couplings have two hubs and an elastomeric insert known as “the spider.” The proprietary machining process creates a curved jaw profile, enabling a press fit with the spider for zero-backlash operation.

Dampening Impulse Loads

Start and stop applications in servo motor drive systems can experience high peak torque loads caused by inertia, friction and high acceleration/deceleration rates. The spider dampens these impulse loads to minimize shock to the motor and other sensitive components. Spiders are available in three durometers: 85 Shore A for greatest dampening; 92 Shore A for a balance of dampening, torque and torsional stiffness; and 98 Shore A for a small amount of dampening and the highest torsional torque and stiffness.

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Jaw couplings are customizable by allowing users to combine clamp and screw hubs with various bore options. Examples of custom work include stainless steel jaw hubs; two-piece jaw coupling hubs; special bore sizes and geometry; special lengths, widths and outside diameters; and different materials, finishes or colors. They are considered failsafe, providing controlled shutdown if the spider fails, reducing maintenance costs.

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