Get into Motion at the Pacific Design & Manufacturing Show

Get into Motion at MD&M Show

Feb. 1, 2018
Along with all of the medical, packaging, and electronic innovations at the show, there’s a world of motion products to help add movement and control to industrial processes.

The Pacific Design & Manufacturing show is co-located with the Automation Technology Conference, Medical Design & Manufacturing Show, West Pack Show, and the Plastec West Show. These shows together connect over 20,000 engineering professionals with industry experts over three days, combining to become one of the major showcases for engineering innovations.

For engineers, the appeals are to be able to test drive these new technologies and find suppliers willing to customize these technologies, whether it be in manufacturing, automation, medical, computer-aided design, motion products, or robotics. Here are some of the must see tech innovations in the motion industry from companies at the show.

Robot Motion from Macron Dynamics

Generally speaking, 6-axes articulated robotic arms tend to be large and heavy, making them difficult to relocate on the industrial floor. One of the ways to move a robotic arm to a different location is by adding a 7th axis via a motion track. Macron Dynamics offers this 7th axis via its Robot Transport Unit (RTU). The extra axis extends the reach and provides higher levels of flexibility. Using a Macron Dynamics flexible belt and structural aluminum MacFRAME components, the transport units can meet a wide variety lengths and payloads. The RTUs can be mounted to the floor, wall, or ceiling with stroke lengths up to 500 ft.

If you are looking to put your robot in motion, check out the Robot Transport Unit at booth 4489.

B&R Industrial Automation’s SuperTrak Simulation

Putting its SuperTrak technology front and center, B&R will highlight a new visualization tool that accelerates development of automation solutions. The SuperTrak, introduced in 2017, is an industrial transport system that uses magnet technology to guide individually controllable shuttles along a track using long stator linear motors. The new simulation tool provides users with a 3D simulation of all SuperTrak shuttle movements, including its synchronized subsystems such as robotics and CNC.

The new visualization tool aids machine builders and operators, helping accelerate the commissioning process by validating their designs and sequential programming prior to build. The tool and extensive simulation options can be found in B&R's updated Automation Studio software development environment. All simulations are based on real machine code and require no additional simulation software or interfaces.

To find out how SuperTrak and its visualization software can aid your motion process, visit B&R’s booth 4229.

NB Corp.’s Cross Roller Guides

Cross Roller Guides from NB Corp. come equipped with the company’s award-winning Studroller technology. The technology is used to offer a guide rail with anti-cage creep, guaranteeing zero slippage in any position. The technology is the recipient of “The Device Merit Award” from The Japan Society for The Advancement of Inventions. Studroller is well-suited for motion-control applications with extremely high acceleration.

Studroller uses rollers with spherical studs circling the middle of the roller’s round surface. As the rollers turn in the rail, they mesh with a row of holes machined down the exact center of the raceway tracks. This prevents slipping regardless of the rail’s position or orientation. It also offers a smoother tracking motion, and is quieter as well as accurate. The rollers are kept aligned along the center, keeping all components aligned.

The technology increases the number of effective rollers by 20% to 55%. Contact area between rollers and the raceway surface jumps by 42% to 58%, which increases the load rating by 140% to 230%. The guide rail has a load rating that is 1.4 to 2.3 times that of conventional guide, and the design is ideal for micro stroke operation, providing highly accurate linear movement.

You can see the Studroller technology for yourself at NB Corp.’s booth 4321.

Limited-Space Optical Encoders from US Digital

One common theme among motion products is that they are shrinking. As companies look to maximize their workspace, the allowable equipment space is becoming tighter, requiring suppliers to think small in their designs.

US Digital offers a series of miniature optical shaft encoders to provide digital quadrature feedback for high-volume, limited-space applications. The E4T, S4T, and E8T models offer a higher maximum speed, higher resolution, and increased output drive than their predecessors, and use an innovative push-on HubDisk assembly for ease of installation and reliability.US Digital added its proprietary Opto-ASIC sensor design and higher resolutions to meet many of its customers’ demanding applications. They are designed to fit NEMA 8-23 motors, and their small size is ideal for applications that need to perform in tight spaces.

Check out these optical encoders at US Digital’s booth 4128.

Delta ModTech Packaging Systems

Those looking for motion-control turnkey systems to fill their packaging needs may want to check out Delta ModTech. The company offers a variety of innovative solutions for web converting, packaging, laser die cutting, pouching, labeling, and printing needs. Its systems can be used in the different industries such as medical, pharmaceutical, label, security, RFID, packaging, and cosmetic products.

At the show, a Delta ModTech converter will be running a demonstration of one of its systems: a complex medical product in-line with a packager. The system will feature rotary die cutting, precise part placement, vision inspection, and heat seal pouching. The system highlights how one can offer precision parts while minimizing waste of expensive materials. Other systems from Delta ModTech can offer capabilities such as semi-rotary, full rotary, and laser cutting.

To see more in the way of advanced motion packaging, visit Delta ModTech’s booth 4101.

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