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Air Compressor Market Expected to Reach Nearly $69B by 2030

April 10, 2024
Segmented into output power, product type, seal, maximum pressure and application, the Air Compressor Market 2024 report offers a global forecast of the air compressor market.

The air compressor market is expected to reach $43.24 billion in 2024, showcasing a steady upward trajectory from an estimated $40.15 billion in 2023, and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 8%, hitting $68.86 billion by 2030. These figures come courtesy of Air Compressor Market 2024, a report released by

Air compressors play a pivotal role in converting power into potential energy stored in pressurized air, catering to a range of industries. This market’s growth is fueled by the rapid industrialization in emerging economies, according to the report, which pushes the demand for energy-efficient compressors.

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Lower Power in Higher Demand

When it comes to output power, the report indicates there is a growing significance of compressors that range from 50 kW to 250 kW for smaller workshops and low-demand industrial applications. End-users in this range prefer their affordability, ease of use and low maintenance requirements as well as their suitability for tasks that require air tools intermittently or at lower capacities. The 50 kW–250 kW output power segment is shown to be more in demand in industry and often used in manufacturing plants, construction sites and in agriculture.

Air compressors with an output power of 250 kW to 500 kW are targeted at large-scale industrial users that require high-volume compressed air delivery for applications such as heavy manufacturing, mining and power generation. Made to provide dependable service under harsh conditions, end-users in this category are reported to prioritize performance, durability and the ability to integrate into existing systems.

Compressors with 500 kW+ output power include those typically found in large industrial applications such as oil and gas exploration, metallurgy and large-scale energy projects. These ultra-high-capacity compressors are engineered for maximum reliability and efficiency in continuous duty applications, and in-depth technical consultations and long-term service agreements often accompany their procurement.

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Axial for Aerospace

The report reveals that there is an increasing trend toward adopting axial compressors in high-speed engines and aerospace applications. Axial compressors maintain constant pressure and consist of rows of fan-like airfoils that efficiently compress the air. Other compressor types include centrifugal, reciprocating and rotary.

Centrifugal, or radial, compressors are dynamic compressors that use a rotating impeller to increase air pressure, making them suitable for applications with continuous operation and high flow rates, such as oil and gas, refineries and HVAC systems.

Reciprocating compressors are positive displacement machines that increase the gas pressure through volume reduction. These are used in petrochemical, marine, manufacturing settings and refrigeration technology.

Rotary compressors include various types, such as screw, vane, lobe and scroll compressors. They trap air between two rotors and reduce its volume by rotation, boasting lower maintenance, greater efficiency and quiet operation.

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Oil-free for High Air Purity Applications

The report shows demand for oil-free air compressors in pharmaceutical production centers. Oil-free air compressors often use pre-lubricated or oil-less components, eradicating the risk of oil contamination in the output air. This feature makes them ideal for medical, pharmaceutical, food processing and high-tech manufacturing applications.

This growing preference for oil-free air compressors in pharmaceutical production centers suggests a shift toward cleaner and contamination-free air supply, which could impact the selection of systems for machine design applications that require high air purity standards.

Additionally, the focus on innovation, such as the development of these oil-free compressors for environmental compliance, is propelling market expansion.

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Challenges and Trends

Continuous improvement in compressor design and technology help offset the cost of high-efficiency air compressors as well as their maintenance requirements, but these challenges hinder their widespread use—especially in cost-sensitive markets.

Overall, the trends in output power, compressor types, seal technology, maximum pressure requirements and applications could influence the design and selection of air compressor systems toward more powerful, efficient and specialized compressor solutions. 360iResearch offers a PDF download of the report with market data points, ranging from trend analysis to market estimates and forecasts.

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