Festo HPPF Gripper
Festo HPPF Gripper
Festo HPPF Gripper
Festo HPPF Gripper
Festo HPPF Gripper

Festo Launches HPPF Flat Panel Gripper for Space-Constrained Applications

Dec. 15, 2023

Industry has pushed for smaller footprints and more sustainable machines, and Festo has answered with its HPPF flat parallel gripper for space-constrained applications. 
The gripper is designed to address the challenges of space-constrained applications in small parts and electronic assembly, including batteries, and comes in four sizes—8, 12, 16 and 20—with a height range of 19 mm to 41 mm.

Key features of the HPPF flat parallel gripper include:

  • A compact and flat design
  • An integrated guide and robust design for durability
  • Availability in many sizes and strokes
  • Reduced material use and maintenance-free for sustainability.

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Symmetrical, Flexible and Adaptable

Made with twin piston rack-and-pinion motion and ball-bearing guides, the HPPF grippers ensure high accuracy, with a tolerance level that ranges from ≤0.03 mm to ≤0.06 mm. The compact units also offers maintenance-free service life and a symmetrical design for flexible mounting. 

The inclusion of a C-slot for sensors on both sides makes them adaptable. Its low weight ranges from 68 g for the smallest unit to 1,326 g for the largest. Users can adjust the stroke, and there is an option for cushioning. Its stroke range is 8 mm to 80 mm and provides a gripping force from 60 N up to 377 N. Low copper, zinc and nickel content (less than 1%) make it a suitable choice for sensitive electronics applications.

In addition to its technical features, the company notes the seamless connectivity and engineering efficiency within its ecosystem that the HPPF gripper will provide, which should lead to reduced engineering overhead and fast time to market.

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