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Stepper-motor controller

Aug. 30, 2013
The PCM4806E is the latest addition to the IDEA Drive line. The RoHS-compliant drive lets an encoder input to the controller for closed-loop position correction capability. The drive is  optimized to regulate a low-current power stage suitable for accurately controlling smaller can-stack linear actuators. The encoder interface accepts single-ended, two-channel quadrature encoder input and an index signal. The 90° offset of Channel A and B lets the system determine motor direction. A 1,000-line encoder will be translated by firmware as a 2,000-pulse signal for use in position correction.   The platform is designed with an easy-to-use graphic user interface. Features include programmable current control, a single supply voltage of 12 to 48 Vdc, 0.6-Arms (0.84-A peak) maximum rated current per phase, and eight optoisolated general-purpose I/O.  Each input is rated for 5 to 24 Vdc, 8-mA maximum per input.  The outputs are open collector, 5 to 24 Vdc, 200-mA maximum per output.Haydon Kerk, 1500 Meriden Rd., Waterbury, CT 06705, (203) 756-7441,

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