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The Basics of Miniature Slide Guides

June 2, 2017
Sponsored by NB Corp.
Slide guides, also known as linear guides, are precise, linear bearings that use rolling elements, either balls or rollers, moving along two raceways to reduce friction and stick-slip to provide smooth linear motion in either direction even under high loads. They can be equipped with one or more blocks or carriages mounted on a rail to carry loads. They can also be used to guide other components, ensuring they move easily and smoothly along the rail. The rail can be made up of several straight sections, depending on the needed length for the application. Because the rolling elements travel in a recirculating path, the linear motion is unlimited in distance for some types of slide guides. Download this guide and review Basics of Miniature Slide Guides, sponsored by NB Corp. who is Achieving Greater Linear Motion Accuracy for Less.