Tidal Energy Takes Off at Scotland Inner Sound

April 28, 2017
The AR15000 designed by Lockheed Martin was able to be deployed in just 60 minutes, and is designed for easy removal and re-installation for maintenance purposes every six years.

Currently the largest planned tidal energy project in the world, MeyGen will deploy nearly 270 turbines in the Inner Sound off the northern coast of Scotland. At 398 MW capacity, the array will power to up to 175,000 Scottish homes using tidal energy from some of the most highly active waters in the UK. 

Starting with Phase 1A, four turbines will be deployed and monitored for their environmental effects, interactions with marine flora and fauna, and performance in their respective region of the Inner Sound. The AR1500 turbine, designed by Lockheed Martin, was able to be deployed in just 60 minutes. It can be removed and re-installed with similar ease every six years (or whenever necessary) for onshore maintenance. The four turbines are connected to the grid, supplying 6 MW in total capacity. 

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