7 Products and Accessories for Industrial Settings

Aug. 24, 2017
Products from dimensional analysis scanners to vibration-reducing conveyor clamps are included in this gallery, or scroll down to view them in the listicle.

These products offer rigid and effective solutions for industrial operations, especially those requiring cleanliness, minimal vibrations and smooth motion control, and energy efficiency. 

Actuators Operate Cleanly in Critical Apps

Lexium MDrive (LMD) linear actuators operate cleanly and quietly, making them useful in industries from medical to packaging. They integrate NEMA size 17 and 23 1.8°, 2-phase stepper motors with an external threaded lead screw integral to the motor’s rotor. The screw rotates to move a nut attached to a load axially along the threaded shaft. A wide range of lead screw options are offered as standard, with custom solutions also available. Available communication protocols include EtherNet/IP, Profinet, ModbusTCP, CANopen, and serial RS-422/485. 


Absolute Encoders Continuously Monitor Position

Absolute magnetic encoders of the MA58H series target harsh industrial environments. They feature a heavy-duty construction with a shaft rated to IP65 and balance rated to IP65. Characteristic to absolute encoders, they retain positional information after power to the unit is turned off. They are hollow bore encoders available in both single and multi-turn resolutions up to 39 bits. SSI and CANopen communications are available, along with bore sizes up to 14 mm. Two flexible mounting options with a 2-point, 63 mm flex mount (shown) and a 108 mm flex arm mount are offered.

Encoder Products Company, (800) 366-5412, www.encoder.com 

Portable Scanners Measure Product Dimensions

The ModelMaker H120 handheld laser scanner can be used to measure the dimensions of products in the metrology lab or on the shop floor. Featuring a field-of-view width of up to 120 mm and point resolution up to 35 μm, it uses advanced Nikon optics and a blue, low-speckle laser to produce highly accurate and low-noise data. It can be used to identify very small scratches and abrasions on a surface, and achieves fast frame rates above 450Hz even when measuring carbon-fibre, gloss-black, reflective, or multi-coloured parts. It can detect the shape of the surface and sharp edges. Scanner accuracy is 7 μm (1 sigma), and combined system accuracy with a MCAx arm is up to 28 μm (2 sigma).

Nikon Metrology, (810) 220-4300, www.nikonmetrology.com 

Integrated Servo Motor/Drives Use Profinet

The ACSI integrated servo/motor/controller comes with PROFINET Industrial Ethernet. Available in two sizes (NEMA 23 and 34) with peak torques up to 1.35 N-m, its features include standard M12 connectors, LED indicators, a USB microprogramming port, and dual Ethernet ports. All models have a 24 VDC digital I/O (4 in/2 out) and 0-10 VDC/4-20ma analog I/O (1 in/1 out) for additional distributed sensors and logic needed to expand the network. They have an IP65 rating.

Tolomatic, (763) 478-8000, www.tolomatic.com  

Soft-Starter Ensures Smooth Startup for AC Induction Motors

The RSGD soft-starter pack automatically adjusts parameters to the startup requirements of 3-phase induction AC motors used in various applications with varying load conditions. Settings can be saved before powering off so that engines start in the same manner each time. New current-balancing algorithms keep current unbalance to less than 15%, while an optional Class 10 electronic-overload feature protects the motor while saving space on the electrical panel. Phase-sequence protection is enabled and disabled through the integrated push button, simplifying installation in applications that require reversing. Torque controlled ramp-down enables smoother motor deceleration. It conforms to UL508 and IEC/EN/60947-4-2, and can be used worldwide for controlling pumps, fans, and compressors. It targets industries including water treatment, agriculture, building automation, and HVAC. 

Carlo Gavazzi Inc., (847) 465-6100, www.GavazziOnline.com  

Jaw Couplings Reduce Vibration on High-Speed Conveyors

Zero-backlash jaw couplings feature two polished aluminum hubs with curved-jaw profiles that press-fit into a spider-type insert. These reduce backlash when installed on conveyors with frequent starts and stops. Hubs are available in a clamp or set screw style with inch, metric, keyed, and keyless bores. Spiders are available in three durometers: 98 shore A for high stiffness, 92 shore A for a balance of stiffness and compliance, and 85 shore A for the highest amount of dampening. Hubs and spiders can be mixed and matched to create couplings that are suitable for the conveyor’s application.

Ruland Manufacturing Inc., (508) 485-1000, www.ruland.com  

Latches Hold On Tight In Common Apps

The GN 516.5 series of metric size compression latches feature a closing mechanism that transfers rotary movement from an operating element (key) to a 6-mm linear stroke. They are designed for common applications like making tight and vibration-proof interlocking in connection with elastic elements like a door-casing seal. They have a sturdy design and a stainless-steel catch lever and housing. Various versions available with key, knurled knob, wing knob, or lever handle.

J.W. Winco, (800) 877-8351, www.jwwinco.com  

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