Machine Design Products of the Week (9/8-9/15)

Sept. 8, 2017
These five products address applications in electronics manufacturing and motion control.

Male Terminals Feature Robust Structure Design

Quick-Fit male-tab terminals for printed circuit boards (PCB) can be used with vacuum pick-and-place equipment. Their three-legged design increases their robustness so that they remain perpendicular to the board during and after soldering, even under high loads. Constructed out of brass with a tin plate, they ensure easy reflow soldering for reliable solder joints. They are supplied on 13-in. tape-and-reel packaging with high-temperature Nylon pick pads. Caps can easily be removed after the reflow soldering process. Request Cat. No 4928TR for tape-and-reel packaged product or Cat. No 4928 for loose-piece, bulk packaging.

Keystone Electronics, (800) 221-5510, 

Socket Targets Quick Turn Burn-In and Testing Apps

The SBT-SOIC-2000 socket for burn-in and test applications features a stamped spring pin and provides 31 grams actuation force per ball. The socket has a cycle life of 125,000 insertions. The contactor has a self-inductance of 0.88 nH, capacitance of 0.097pF, and an insertion loss of less than 1 dB at 15.7 GHz. The current capacity of each contactor is 4 Amps at 80 °C temperature rise. Socket temperature range is -55 °C to +180 °C. A floating guide allows precise lead-to-pin alignment, and an additional floating compression plate with a cavity to accommodate a mold case.

Ironwood Electronics, (800) 404-0204, 

Motors Supply Continuous Power at Low Air Pressure

High-speed brushless motors with air-cooled bearings work at speeds up to 200,000 rpm. Measuring just 48 mm in diameter, they supply continuous power up to 85 watts and operate very quietly. They are used in applications such as optical devices and beam choppers, or rotary mechanical devices with holes that spin and break up light to generate a signal. They can also be used in high speed blowers and pumps. For beam choppers, they use less compressed air because they operate at pressures as low as 0.1 cfm, or 1.25 psi. 

Higher Power Nanosecond Lasers Cut Thicker Films, PCBs, and Flex Substrates

AVIA high-power, ultraviolet (355 nm) and green (532 nm) industrial nanosecond lasers are used for cutting flex substrates and thin printed circuit boards (PCBs) in microprocessing applications requiring high lateral resolution  and precise x-y features. The AVIA 355-55 features a 150-kHz pulse repetition rate and an average power of 55 W, while the AVIA 532-80 generates 1 millijoule pulse energy with a maximum pulse repetition rate of 80 kHz and an average power of 80 watts. Both lasers meet Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) and Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) protocols. The AVIA 355-55 is powerful enough to extend these cutting capabilities to thicker (> 200 µm) flex and multi-layer materials. 


Pneumatic Actuator Line Includes Rotary Actuators 

NITRA products now include pneumatic rotary actuators and object grippers. The NITRA rotary actuators are available in four body sizes with or without shock absorbers. All are double acting and have an adjustable travel range from 0 to 190 degrees. The anodized aluminum bodies integrate mounting slots for position switches, along with a hub for ball bearings and piston magnets. They target industrial applications including general material handling and conveying, clamping, transferring parts, positioning, and controlling valves.

Automation Direct, 

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