Machine Design's October Product Roundup

Oct. 27, 2017
From components as simple as winged knobs to assemblies like the 3-ball bearing test bench, these products are robust for industrial settings and precise applications.

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Tray Formers Automate Blank Loading, Folding Processes

The PopLok Inserter tray former can place inserts into fold-and-tuck style trays, by taking individual tray blanks from the hopper and pulling them through to bend them into their final form. The trays can be used to handle parts from electronic pieces to componentry, and to keep fragile contents separated before securing them for shipping. The tray former can form up to 20 trays per minute.

Eagle Packaging Machinery, (305) 622-4070, 

Clutch Haptic Feedback Indicates End-of-Turn

The ML Series of multi-turn rotary sensors replace traditional end-stops with a friction clutch that makes a click sound to indicate end-of-range. The clutch allows the sensor to turn past its end-scale without breaking. They have a square profile measuring a half inch, and are offered in models with 6, 10, 25, 50, and 100 turns. The bushing mounting and sealing is rated to IP65. Resolution is better than 0.1% with less than 0.17% repeatability.

Novotechnik U.S. Inc., (508) 485-2244, 

Structural Bushings Target Aerospace Apps

ON-SIZE bushings can be coupled with bullet-nose dowels to align fixtures in high-temperature environments up to 750°F. They feature an Invar construction, which comprises a 36% nickel-iron alloy with an extremely low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion. They target aerospace applications requiring minimum thermal expansion and high dimensional stability. Models are available with or without head, in four sizes, and in inch or metric sizes.

 Carr Lane Mfg. Co., (314) 647-6200, 

Wing Knobs Feature Versatile Design

The E5 wing knob and cam latch can act as both a handle and an actuator through use of a padlock accepting a hasp shackle up to 8mm in diameter. Its concave side surface enables operators to open panels and doors with a gloved hand. A spring-loaded ball detent produces an audible “click” so that operators can ensure that doors have been fully opened or closed. It is tested to NEMA 4 and IP65 standards for water and dust protection indoors and outdoors. It delivers vibration-resistant fastening, and comes in a variety of grip lengths and head styles. It comes equipped for panel-hole prep, and a separate latch and cam assembly promotes modular use.

Southco Inc.,, (610) 459-4000

Linear Sensors Minimize Wear

The BIP04 compact inductive linear position sensor features a compact design that can provide accurate, continuous linear position feedback over a 17-mm range.  It targets machine tool clamping spindles, pneumatic grippers, and other applications requiring linear position feedback in a confined space. It is available in analog 0-10 V, analog 4-20 mA, and IO-Link interface versions. The non-contact inductive technology ensures dependable operation and long service life, while field-teachable measuring range offers maximum flexibility and customization possibilities. A fully potted housing protects against damage in harsh machine environments.

Balluff Inc.,, (800) 543-8390

Ball-on-Rod RCF Tester Measures Rod Fatigue

This rolling contact fatigue (RCF) three-ball-on-rod tester enables rolling-contact concept testing for rod specimens that may be treated with heat, materials, lubricants, and coatings. Over a short run time, it determines multiple failure data points for a single rod specimen, providing an accurate indication of its fatigue life. The tester is highlighted for its high stress-cycle accumulation per revolution with stress levels up to 6.2 GPa. Models may be designed with oil heaters, lubricant flow controllers, test-fixture temperature monitors, and vibration sensors. A dedicated data-acquisition and monitoring system is included.

Napoleon Engineering Services, (877) 870-3200, 

Conductive Grease Dissipates High Heat

The CTG-81 non-silicone grease features an electrically and thermally conductive formula targeting applications that require high heat transfer. It has a thermal conductivity of 7.2 W/m°K, and an electrical resistance of less than 0.01 ohm-cm. As a non-curing hydrocarbon, it can withstand 200°C without drying out or melting. It can be used in applications requiring electrical contact without any stress being added to the electrical pads. It is a free flowing paste that can easily be dispensed from syringes or cartridges, and can be supplied in any size syringe or cartridge as well as jars or cans. 

EpoxySet Inc.,, (401) 726-4500

Motion Controller Enables Complex Motion Profiles

The C-884 DC motion controller controls 6-axis brushless servo motors and traditional DC motors. It process closed-loop feedback from both incremental and absolute encoders (BiSS protocol), and includes USB, TCP/IP and RS-232 interfaces. Additional interfaces such as programmable analog and digital I/O lines, an SPI display port, and joystick port are also included. The dual-core architecture separates command processing and position servo control functions to improve performance and flexibility. It features ID chip detection for fast start-up, and nonvolatile storage for stand-alone operation.

PI (Physik Instrumente), 

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