Machine Design's November Product Roundup

Nov. 22, 2017
From connector clamps to smart vision systems for the packaging industry, the latest products in machine design are listed below, or can be viewed in a gallery format above.

Tube Clamps Offered in Metric Sizes

The GN 196 aluminum angle connector clamp now comes in metric sizes. Available with a powder-coated, black textured finish or a matte shot-blast finish, they can be integrated with the company’s metric construction tubing. The clamps also have securing socket cap screws and nylon insert hex nuts made of stainless steel.

JW Winco, (800) 877-8351, 

Ring Drives Reduce Backlash in High-Torque Applications

The CRD 250B compact ring drive (CRD) integrates a zero-backlash locking/brake that delivers twice the amount of torque over the original model. With a brake life of 1 million cycles, it is used in cutting systems, automated welding, medical packaging, robotics, and semiconductor production applications.

The brake is spring engaged and pneumatically released to default lock in case of a power failure or emergency. Radial slots for cable and line routing simplifies pneumatic connection easy; a pneumatic bard fitting is installed. The device offers a holding torque of 800 Nm with a maximum release pressure of 60 psi. Thanks to its three-drive design configuration, the CRD can be optimized for speeds up to 225 RPM, high torque, or both, depending on the application.

Nexen Group Inc., (800) 843-7445, 

IO-Link Feature Supports Multiple Linear Sensors at a Time

The BML SL1 linear sensor uses IO-Link to send linear position measurements to industrial control platforms. It can be connected to several sensors at a time—without the need for dedicated absolute-encoder interface hardware—using standard unshielded sensor cables. Furthermore, it can report exact positional data to platforms without additional calculating for improved resolution or analog-to-digital conversion.  Numerous sensors can be connected to one IO-Link master at a time for linear measurements on X-Y tables, overhead gantries, and other applications requiring precise, absolute positioning. It can measure lengths up to eight meters, with resolution of up to one micron.

Balluff Inc., (800) 543-8390, 

Device Eliminates Static Electricity in Processing, Sensor Applications

The Gen4 Ionizing Point is a static-electricity eliminator that delivers high concentrations of positive and negative ions to neutralize static electricity—without the need for compressed air. The ions can prevent small parts and products from sticking to each other, as demonstrated in the accompanying image. They can also protect sensors from interference from surrounding electronics, and reduce improper readings in sensitive electronics. Such concentrations of ions have also been applied to clear clogs out of powder-filling nozzles and prevent jamming, tearing, and dust attraction in slitting, winding, rewinding, inkjetting, and silk-screening applications. The device will operate on the company’s 115-/230-V selectable voltage power supply.

EXAIR Corp., (800) 903-9247, 

Couplings Disengage Motors in Midsize Apps

Two smaller safety couplings in the STN series now can deliver overload protection to midsize applications. Available in sizes 2 and 5 with shaft diameters ranging from 45 to 80 mm, they are able to achieve disengagement torques between 200 and 5,000 Nm. Conical clamping hubs paired with a ball-detent safety element allow for separation of a motor’s driving and driven ends within milliseconds in case of torque overload. This releases the motor from the driveline, preventing damage to the system so that the driveline can coast to a stop after disengagement. Re-engagement simply requires a force applied to the back sides of the plunger modules with a mallet or pry bar.  Disengagement torque values can be adjusted in the field, with multiple ranges available depending on the module’s configuration.

R+W America, (630) 521-9911, 

Easy-to-Use Adhesive Bonds Dissimilar Materials in Automotive Apps

The EA-6060 adhesive can be used to create strong bonds between metal and plastic substrates in advanced assembly solutions for the automotive industry. Curing generally takes place in under an hour at temperatures below 100°C. It can be applied using precision metering and dispensing equipment without development of bubbles or voids, even if assembly does not occur directly after it is dispensed. The adhesive is typically applied in the manufacture of automotive control units, sensors, and modules.


Wireless Transceivers Usher in Long-Range IoT Comms

Propelled by low-power operation, Cellio’s LoRa wireless transceivers make possible wide-area, long-range, end-to-end monitoring and control in agriculture, cold chain, gas distribution, transportation, and industrial applications. They are suitable for single locations, and for communications across extensive enterprise configurations to connect upwards of millions of sensors and controls to equipment over large ranges.

The transceivers operate long range at 915 MHz to wirelessly connect sensors and controllers to the cloud. An internal wireless antenna operates over a mile line of sight for four to five years using a 9-V dc lithium battery to support 4- to 20-mA sensors. They can also be used to provide real-time alerts, fault detection, and notifications. Rated to IP68, they are waterproof and dustproof with 1-wire sensor support.

Device Solutions Inc., (919) 732-7872, 

Connectors Offer Robust Power Transmission in Harsh Environments

M-Series circular connectors enable reliable data, signal, and power transmission in industrial automation systems. Featuring an M-style threaded locking nut, they can accommodate a variety of industry-standard interconnects, including M5, M8, M12, M16, and M23 variants. They work with actuator, sensor, fieldbus, and Ethernet connections, and are rated to IP67 for operation in harsh industrial environments. They also come with passive distributor boxes featuring M12/M8 actuator and sensor sockets.


LED Connectors Eliminate Complex Wiring

The WPC300 Series Clear Connects push-in wire connectors, which offer an alternative to traditional twist-on wire connectors, now can be applied to LED lighting. Installers and electricians no longer need to twist two, three, or four wires together to insert them into a twist-on wire connector. They come with a Strip Guide to communicate the proper length to strip wire before installation. The connectors accept solid and tinned stranded wire, 22-12 AWG. A built-in slot enables access to test circuits.

BlockMaster Electronics Inc., (800) 595-8881, 

Vision System Targets Object Recognition in Packaging Industry

The ACR 300i vision system can be used for 1D and 2D code reading, optical character recognition (OCR), object detection, color detection, and position tracking. It is especially useful in the packaging industry, conducting date-code verification at 40 parts per minute so that items can be tracked as they travel on a conveyer belt. Its 1.3-Mpixel chip is capable of image-resolution scaling and high-speed analysis for automatic image-error and distortions correction. It can also configure image-processing tools and preprocessing filters to comply with viewer software. EtherNet/IP, Ethernet, PROFINET, RS-422, and RS-232 interfaces are available, along with optional C-Mount lenses and external illumination accessories.

Leuze Electronic, (248) 486-4466, 

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