New Product Roundup: Motion Control

Jan. 12, 2018
The latest in motion-control products are listed here, some of which serve industrial purposes, while others are more suited for hand-held precision applications.

View these five motion-control products in gallery format, or in the list below. 

Compact Rotary Switches Offer High Rotational Torque, Stop Strength 

The 77 Series of compact sealed rotary switches target handheld radios and medical devices, as well as night-vision products and laser-aiming devices. Requiring less than 0.2 inches behind panel and having a minimum diameter of 0.5 inches, they are designed for small devices that must meet military standards for shock and vibration, moisture resistance, salt spray, underwater immersion, and sand and dust conditions. They offer high rotational torque and stop strength that can be customized based on the application.

Grayhill Inc., (708) 354-1040, 

Speed Reducers Can Interface with Most Motors

The FlexFrame 5 HP face-mounted speed reducer uses patented adaptors to quickly enable switching and replacement between most IEC and NEMA motors. Operators can also add face, flange, or foot mounts, and use GS convertible shaft adaptors to match the motor to nearly any gearbox. The face-mounted speed reducer also features a hollow shaft input. Available in standard ratios of 3:1, 4:1, and 5:1, they can be used in mixers, parking lot gates, wind turbine yaw drives, conveyors, hoists, and material handling equipment, food processing equipment, and robotic drives.

Gearing Solutions, (440) 498-9538, 

Simple Brushless Servos Operate without Bearings, Motor Shaft

The EC 45 series of flat, frameless brushless servo-motors are electronically commutated using just a rotor and stator, with no need for bearings or a motor shaft. With an outer diameter measuring just 43 mm, they are extremely compact, and are available in sizes rated from 30 to 70 Watts. They have low-voltage windings and are shipped as BLDC frameless motor kits. Their high acceleration and deceleration capabilities are thanks to their low rotor inertia and high pole-pair count. Their flat design delivers high torque output, while the hollow-shaft construction frees up space for cable glands. They target OEM applications including collaborative and mobile robots, automated guided vehicles, and exoskeletons and embedded robotic applications.

 maxon, (650) 524-8822,

AC Proximity Sensors Target Short-Range Sensing Apps

The V3 series of AC-powered inductive proximity sensors are available in versions measuring 8, 12, 18, and 30 mm. They achieve sensing distances from 2 mm shielded and 4 mm unshielded to 12mm shielded and 18mm unshielded. They operate using 20-250 Vac/Vdc input voltage supplies, and are short-circuit protected. A yellow LED status indicator is output energized. Versions featuring an axial cable or ½-in. micro AC quick-disconnect are available. All versions are IP67 rated, cULus approved, and CE, RoHs and Reach Compliant.

AutomationDirect, (800) 633-0405, 

Poppet Valves Target Medical Fluid-Delivery Apps 

Miniature solenoid-actuated poppet valves in the Series MX family enable flow control over inert gasses, especially in respiratory medical devices and medical applications. With an extended pressure range up to 30 psi (2 Bar) and maximum flow pressures of 48 SLPM, the poppet valves’ lightweight and compact design make them useful in handheld devices. They require just 0.75 Watts to maintain their hold position, and offer a fast response time of less than 20 ms. Two pneumatic connection options, barbs and manifold mount, are available.

Parker Precision Fluidics Division, [email protected], 

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