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Diaphragm Cylinders: Virtually Frictionless and Leak-Free

June 20, 2017
Conventional pneumatic cylinders are successfully used by the millions for factory automation around the world. But hundreds of unconventional applications can benefit from the virtually frictionless operation rolling-diaphragm air cylinders. Sponsored by ControlAir
Air cylinders are widely used for applications requiring rapid, repetitive motion. They excel at doing this because their reliable, long-life operation does not generate heat. What air cylinders are not so good at is moving a load at low speed or reacting to subtle changes in pressure without producing jerky, erratic motion.That may be the case with conventional cylinders, but rolling-diaphragm cylinders eliminate the need for a dynamic piston seal, which is the main source of erratic operation in conventional air cylinders.Download this guide and review Basics of Diaphragm Cylinders: Virtually Frictionless and Leak-Free, sponsored by ControlAir who makes your entire process run smoother.