DC UPS System, Enclosure and Switches Join Together

March 2, 2023
Altech demoed its enclosure and switches with J. Schneider’s C-TEC ultra-capacitor microcontroller at MD&M West.

At MD&M West, Altech Corporation displayed a J. Schneider DC UPS system, a battery-powered backup for critical load components. Using a DC UPS system can ensure critical components can perform a controlled shutdown or use backup power in the case of a line-down or brownout. Since the system runs on ultra-capacitors, it doesn't need oxygen or air flow, and can operate down to -30°C and as high as 110°C.

Altech also showed off one of its enclosures where Laszlo Gyorgypal, product manager, showed several components, how they are used and how they can be mounted inside the enclosure. The company also showed its switch lineupincluding push buttons, switches and gripsin a variety of materials and styles.

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