Re-Engineering the Supply Chain

March 30, 2023
Festo’s Pneumatic Essentials Program builds on design to make components readily available.

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Changes in the way component parts are manufactured and distributed have addressed supply chain issues as well as design issues. Festo, for example, has launched its Pneumatic Essentials program. The goal is to streamline orders, ensure fast delivery of guaranteed in-stock components, and produce more compact parts for smaller footprints and energy efficient machines. Festo identified 16 fundamental pneumatic components within its product line to fit most common pneumatic applications, such as air preparation, eyewear, polyurethane tubing, one-way flow control valves, high flow valves and others.

Todd Shannon, the business development leader for the Essentials program at Festo, discussed the program and how it impacted Festo as both a manufacturer and as a supplier with Senior Content Director Bob Vavra.

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