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Vention Transitions to 1st Release, Launches App for Motion Control

Using a browser-based CAD platform, designers can create their own industrial equipment from a modular-parts library. Now in its first launch, the company also offers a MotionApps software and MachineMotion interface so customers can easily program their products' motion profiles.

Last summer, custom-equipment startup, Vention, took the manufacturing industry by storm with the release of its beta online platform for designing and ordering custom industrial machinery. Since then, the company has partnered with robotics company, Universal Robotics, to create modular parts supporting its robotics and motion products, and expanded its sensor and motion-control selection within its parts library. During the 11-month beta trial, the site has been used by several thousand registered users to create and share designs for stationary and moving equipment from test benches to gantries.

Now, with $3.5 million raised in its seed round, Vention enters its first release and is ready to fill orders on industrial equipment that is custom designed using the site's 3D MachineBuilder. It has also launched its new MachineApps and MachineMotion platform to let users take a plug-and-play approach when programming their equipment's motion profiles. The MachineMotion interface unit is shown below:


Customers can connect sensors and motion-control products from Vention's Parts Library to the color-coded terminals on the MachineMotion unit. They can then use the bowser-based MachineApps software to program their motion profiles quickly and easily. 

Assemblies can be built using the company's patent-pending extrusion system with v-shaped grooves and series of inter-locking plates to eliminate angular errors in assembly and increase load bearing by 25% over other extrusion systems.  

Vention's online CAD and purchase process is measured to be 20 times faster than traditional workflows, and is easy to learn how to use. For companies looking for equipment with a short product lifecycle, there is less trade-off for getting custom machinery onto factory floor, since the designers do not need to spend months designing their product. 

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