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XP Power's new external power supplies

External PSUs Take on Industrial, IT, Healthcare Apps

XP Power’s ALM150 and ALM200 power supplies operate at temperatures between 0 to +60°C and deliver their full rated power at ambient temperatures up to +40°C.

XP Power released two series of external power supplies (PSUs) that are intended for modern medical applications, including safety approvals for home-based healthcare, and IT applications where energy efficiency and international safety approvals are critical.

According to the company, typical efficiencies for the ALM150 and ALM200 models reach 93% and 92% respectively. All of the new PSUs meet Energy Efficiency Level VI and consume less than 0.15 W in standby mode.

For medical applications, the PSUs are approved to ANSI/AMMI ES60601-1, ANSI/AMMI HA60601-1-11, EN/IEC60601-1, and EN/IEC60601-1-11. Both series are also approved to UL/EN/IEC62368 and IEC60950 for ITE applications and carry CCC, PSE, KC, and RCM approvals. The products are compliant with all of the latest electromagnetic-compatibility (EMC) legislation, including the medical 60601-1-2 fourth edition, claims XP Power.

The ALM150 series offers power levels up to 150 W while the ALM200 series delivers 200 W of power. Both series maintain five single-output versions with output voltages of 12, 15, 19, 24, and 48 V. A universal input voltage range (80 to 264 V ac) is standard on both series, making them well-suited for worldwide use and home healthcare applications. U.S., European, and U.K. mains cables are available.

Because of their high efficiency, the PSUs are housed in an IP32 vent-free plastic case, says the company. This allows for safe wipe-down of the units in environments where hygiene is critical, such as medical applications and the food industry.

The ALM150 and ALM200 series operate at temperatures between 0 to +60°C and can deliver their full rated power at ambient temperatures up to +40°C.

The ALM150/ALM200 series is priced from US$58.58 for 500-piece orders and is available from Allied Electronics, Digi-Key, Mouser, Newark, or directly from XP Power. It's offered with a three-year warranty.

For more information on the ALM150 series, visit here. For more information on the ALM200 series, visit here.

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