Parvalux 41 Cover

Motors Flex Their Power

April 23, 2021
A compendium of technical articles from Machine Design and Parvalux

MOTORS can tend to get overlooked. They’re not the cool, new technology in the market—and they haven’t been for about 300 years. Yet for all the artificial intelligence and connected systems in the world today, just imagine a plant operation without an electric motor. When you do, all you’d see is rusting metal. So we should love motors, because they make everything else we try to do possible. They literally power all our manufacturing goals and expectations. Motors deliver every day, which is why we often can take them for granted. This eBook is specifically designed to keep that from happening. We’re going to strip away the myths about motors and take a deep look at how they are similar, how they are very different, and how to select the right motor for the right application. We’re going to discuss how their proper care and maintenance can extend their operational life and your plant productivity. And finally, we’ll look at a case study that details how, when all of those considerations are made, how the right motor in the right application can keep things moving—even in a 24/7 operation. Motor management is a fundamental part of every successful plant’s operation. Your motor management strategy will be enhanced by the expert ideas offered in this eBook.