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Quaker Chemical Turns the Spotlight on Metalworking Fluids at IMTS

Quaker Chemical Turns the Spotlight on Metalworking Fluids at IMTS

Experts from Quaker Chemical Corp. will be on hand at IMTS 2016 (West Building, Booth 310) to discuss technical solutions—through a series on in-depth presentations—that leverage the use of metalworking fluids. On tap are:

Cleaning and Corrosion Protection with Thin, Imperceptible Film Technology (Monday and Wednesday at 10:30 AM and 2:30 PM): Scott Pardel, Product Manager North America, will discuss a unique industrial cleaner chemistry designed to meet the severe demands of vacuum drying processes.

Machining Of Cast Aluminum Alloys (Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30 AM): Dr. Bob Evans, Metalworking Senior Research Scientist North America, will focus on the role of metalworking fluids and the challenges in machining aluminum, in addition to various factors influencing machinability and fluid performance.

Machining Of Bi-Metal (Cast Aluminum-Powdered Ferrous Metal) Components (Tuesday and Thursday at 2:30 PM): Dr. Bob Evans will also host this presentation, discussing the current understanding and approach to studying bi-metal machining of cast aluminum/sintered ferrous powdered metal parts.

The company’s metalworking fluids, particularly those focusing on the automotive industry, will also be on display at IMTS. As the automotive market pushes toward lightweight engine components, which means the use of highly engineered material with lower machinability, certain machining challenges come into play. Quaker Chemical’s QUAKERCOOL 700 and 7000 Series metal-removal fluids and QUAKERCLEAN 680 VDA look to overcome these challenges. Six new formulations comprising the 700 and 7000 series reduce the use of hazardous materials (e.g., boron, formaldehyde) and cut the chemical consumption or water usage per part thanks to improved emulsion characteristics. The 680 VDA fast-drying process cleaner provides imperceptible thin-film protection against corrosion.

On top of the displays and presentations, you will have the opportunity to race a full-size NASCAR simulator at Quaker’s booth, with a chance to win a DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter drone equipped with a 2.7K HD video camera.

For an overview of Quaker Chemical check out the two videos below:


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