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Unique Chemistry Blend Ushers in New Generation of Metal Cleaning

An innovative, non-flammable vapor-degreasing fluid cleaner offers an environmentally friendly alternative to hydrocarbon degreasers.

Tergo Metal Cleaning Fluid, a new cleaning chemistry developed by MicroCare Medical, is a double-duty cleaner—it can degrease metal parts as well as deflux circuit boards. Designed to replace hydrocarbon degreasers, as well as nPB, TCE, PFCs, and other regularly used solvents, the Tergo vapor-degreasing fluid offers a high kb value yet is compatible with many construction materials (metals, ceramics, and most durable plastics and elastomers). Applications range from aerospace and automotive to medical and industrial.

The non-flammable chemistry, engineered to enhance degreasing applications, doesn’t require chemical stabilizers or scavengers to prevent breakdown due to water or white metals. Vapor degreasing is particularly effective in cleaning medical devices—it occupies little space, and it’s a simple, repeatable, and easy-to-validate method. Tergo is compatible with existing vapor-degreasing equipment and can be a drop-in replacement for older chemistries that may be under environmental scrutiny.

Stop by Booth #2922 at MD&M West to meet MicroCare Medical and get a first-hand look at the Tergo Metal Cleaning Fluid.


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