MICROMO – Excellence in Micro Motion Solutions

MICROMO brings together the highest quality motion technologies, full service resources in North America and global engineering, sourcing, manufacturing and program management to deliver the best custom micro motion solutions. MICROMO partners with OEM customers in markets such as medical technology, robotics, and aerospace to deliver quality, innovative solutions faster and better – every time.

MICROMO's experienced engineers look beyond just components to offer optimal solutions for demanding, custom mechanical and electrical requirements. MICROMO's seasoned application engineering team has the experience in the field to assist customers with choosing the correct component and system for unique micro motion control needs and to meet superior precision and reliability requirements.

Contact the MICROMO team today. Together, we can make your next design a success.

MICROMO and the FAULHABER Group's application and design engineering teams work in partnership with customer design teams to create innovative, custom solutions that transform markets. MICROMO and the FAULHABER Group offer vast application expertise in core markets. This reduces product development cycles significantly. Global project management through the FAULHABER Group leverages the company's full range of capabilities to deliver optimal solutions to customers.

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