Engineers Offer Hands-On Help with Moving Coil Actuators

Engineers Offer Hands-On Help with Moving Coil Actuators

SMAC engineers will be on hand at Pack Expo to consult on specific application and integrating moving coil actuators into existing equipment.

SMAC Moving Coil Actuators will have its latest products for packaging applications on display at Pack Expo, featuring live demonstrations at its booth (#C1762), including:

Bottle Filling—SMAC actuators’ highly repeatable and positioning coupled with high speed allows the user to more precisely and repeatedly control the dosing amount.


Capping—SMAC actuators can adjust force and torque, show the different quality-check capabilities such as cap height, torque limit, force required to press in, and even check the clicks on child-proof caps.

Leak test—SMAC actuators can sense the surface of a package, apply programmable force and monitor position of movement.

High-speed eject—SMAC actuators are designed to perform at exceptionally high speeds or very low speeds and with sub-micron accuracy and validatable repeatability with as precise as 1 ms response time.

Life test—SMAC actuators last 10x as long as comparable air-cylinder actuators.

SMAC engineers will be on hand to consult on your specific application and integrating SMAC moving coil actuators into your existing equipment.

SMAC Moving Coil Actuators will also be showing its CBL35C electric cylinder with built-in controller. SMAC achieved a breakthrough in miniature design with its introduction of built-in controllers that can be equipped with any SMAC CBL and LCA actuator for 5 and 1 micron applications. The CBL35C electric cylinder is the first in the cylinder series with a built-in controller and a perfect replacement for pneumatic cylinders with the advantages of virtually no noise, longer life and no air contamination.

The new CBL35C series electric cylinder with built-in controller in a single package enables the simple and direct replacement of pneumatic and ball screw drive actuators by SMAC moving coil actuators on machines already in production that do not have locations allocated for separate controllers. With SMAC’s built-in controller, the CBL35C series electric cylinder can control the force, speed and velocity profile. The CBL35C with built-in controller allows simple installation and effective use of space.  

The CBL35C provides significantly longer life, programmability, higher speed, accuracy and energy efficiency while remaining price-competitive. The CBL35C also provides a more sustainable solution by not requiring costly compressed air. Since the CBL35C has no need for compressed air, there is no air contamination in applications such as nitrogen dosing.

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