Machine Design

Linear Actuators

The GSX Series linear actuator is a brushless servomotor, an inverted planetary roller screw, and an encoder/resolver feedback source combined into a single assembly.

The 5-in. frame unit features T-Lam, the highly efficient segmented motor-stator design that reportedly packs 50% more force in a smaller package and outlives comparably sized ball-screw devices by 15 times. The actuator's brushless servo design permits use in state-of-the-art closed-loop servosystems. The GSX50 actuator's inverted roller-screw mechanism converts rotary motion of the brushless motor into highspeed, high-thrust linear motion. Lead accuracy is 25 m/300 mm for high-precision operations with zero backlash. Planetary design of the roller screw allows acceleration at higher rates than ball screws and speeds to 40 ips. The GSX50 offers 6 to 14-in. strokes and 13,500 lbf continuous-thrust capacity. The GSX actuators are suitable for applications including presses, automatic toolchangers, dispensing, wire guiding, chip and wafer handling, robot manipulation, testing, web guidance, indexing material cutting, tension control, volumetric pumps, simulation testing, automated assembly, injection molding and riveting, and joining and fastening.

Exlar Corp.,
1470 Lake Drive W, Chanhassen, MN 55317,
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