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New Software Helps Control Your Industrial Robot

New Software Helps Control Your Industrial Robot

ABB Robotics released the latest version of its Robotware software, RW6, for programming and controlling industrial robots. New features promise easy installation, high-speed response, motion control, and programmability. The update also includes features from the previous RW5; interfaces are intuitive, familiar, and web-accessible.

RW6 Installation Manager facilitates and speeds installation of software and upgrades. Also, add-ins can be installed and updated individually. Remote access is provided by Web Service, allowing developers to program and install software with any device from any browser. Web services are secure, requiring digital signing for remote installations. RW6 uses standardized hardware and is programmed with HTML5 for developer familiarity.

External Guided Motion (EGM) employs motion sensors to correct user input for precise jogging (robot automation) within the robot’s space-and-reach limitations. The user can change the intended path every 4 ms using a joystick and the controller takes only 8 to 20 ms to respond with the correct guided motion. For robots with several degrees of motion, RW6 is programmed to avoid singularity, or undefined movements of the robot. Three modes are available to further optimize robot behavior: an optimal cycle time default, high accuracy, and stiff mode.

ABB Robotics; 1250 Brown Road, Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326; (248) 391-9000

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