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Pallets Move on Customizable Conveyor

Pallets Move on Customizable Conveyor

The new 2200 SmartFlex flexible chain conveyor platform from Dorner Mfg., Hartland, Wis., can now be equipped with pallet-handling options to provide accurate positioning and routing of parts for assembly, robotic, and inspection applications. Components, including pallets, are sold either as completed assemblies or as kits. This lets users easily update and change the conveyor layout and capabilities. Components include merge and divert kits, lift and locate stations, and pallet stops. The pallets can carry a maximum load of 600 lb (including the weight of the pallet), travel at 250 ft/min, and have a base plate constructed with 0.5-in. thick aluminum. There can be as many pallets as the customer wants on the conveyor. The conveyor itself is powered by Dorner’s comprehensive offering of gearmotors and controls. Conveyors are limited to 98 ft in length, but this can be extended for custom orders.

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