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Roller-pinion drive from the Nexen Group serves up accuracy and durability

Roller-pinion drive from the Nexen Group serves up accuracy and durability

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The Roller Pinion System from the Nexen Group, Vadnais Heights, Minn., provides accurate linear positioning with low backlash and simple installation. For the Premium Grade version, accuracy is ±30 μm and backlash is less than 3.2 μm (in both directions). Accuracy for the Standard Grade is ±50 μm. To get that level of accuracy, Nexen engineers measure and match each tooth profile relative to the first, which also contributes to zero cumulative and thermal errors. Thanks to the design, the device can be considered perfectly rigid within its load ratings. Maximum thrust ranges from 1,000 to 14,000 N, depending on model. Maximum static thrust goes from 2,000 to 21,000 N. The device’s top speed is 11 m/sec (again, in either direction), noise generated at that speed is less than 75 dB, and it is rated at 99% efficient.

The modular drive has racks supplied in 1 and 0.5-m rack segments. Segments can be combined for longer travel or cut to shorter lengths. A special tool aids in joining segments by using the teeth on the rack to transfer positional accuracy of one track to the next. Maintenance in minimal: a light lubrication every 2 million pinion revolutions or about once every six months.

The unit can be shaft or ISO 9409 flange mounted.

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