Machine Design

Scanning for Ideas: Built-in Motor Makes Conveyor More Compact

Edited by Stephen J. Mraz

Engineers at QC Industries, Batavia, Ohio (, tucked an IP54-rated 24-V motor inside one of the end rollers on the company’s InnerDrive Belt Conveyor to power the conveyor. This saves space, reduces complexity, and does away with the need to lubricate bearings or drives. Internal gears offer speeds of 1 to 20 or 2 to 60 fpm and the power to move 100-lb loads. Conveyors are available in standard widths of 12, 14, or 18 in., and in lengths from 2 to 12 ft. The units are configured as horizontal or angle-framed units. The frames are laser cut from 10-gauge steel, which is then powder coated.

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