Machine Design

Scanning for Ideas: Cylinder Sensor Handles Analog and Digital Monitoring

To give designers a choice for position sensing in a cylinder, engineers at Bosch Rexroth Pneumatics, Lexington, Ky. (, designed the SF1 Cylinder Position Sensor to monitor OCT cylinder position digitally, or its entire stroke using analog means. A noncontact magnetorestrictive foil sensor is built into the cylinder, which reduces the number of parts needed and eliminates any extra installation and adjustments. It also increases sturdiness and protects against outside mechanical influences. The analog version depicts the entire stroke using an operating voltage of 15 to 30 V. The digital version uses two or four switching points, which can be set using a handheld device or PLC. The unit is rated IP50 and can be used in temperatures from 32 to 122°F. Repeatability is 0.1 mm and accuracy is stroke/1,000.

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