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Scanning for Ideas: Roller-screw actuators use almost any motor

The new K Series actuators from Exlar, Chanhassen, Minn. , mount to most types of motor and are available in several configurations and price points. They also have dimensions and form factors consistent with ISO metric pneumatic cylinders, so they make good replacements for air cylinders, as well as hydraulic ones.

The actuators’ corrosion-resistant, anodized aluminum housings are sealed to provide IP65 protection. The units operate in temperatures up to 175°F. The standard rod is nickel-plated steel with a 304 SS rodend insert, which reportedly gives the rod excellent wear characteristics. Mounting options include front and rear flange, rear clevis and eye, adjustable side trunnion, end angles, and foot mounts.

For roller screw versions, the maximum rated input is 5,000 rpm, with speeds ranging from 9.8 to 32.8“ips. The maximum allowable force ranges from 675 to 1,800 lb-in.

There are four levels in the K Series. The KT Series is for high loads and cycle rates. The KX Series provides high performance in a range of demanding applications. The KM Series, like KT and KX Series, use roller screws, but the KM actuators are the most economical of the roller-screw actuators. The KA Series use an Acme screw and works well in applications that position and hold a load.

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