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Squeeze Handle Permits One-Hand Actuation

Squeeze Handle Permits One-Hand Actuation

The AC-50 Squeeze Handle Actuator from Southco Inc., Concordville, Pa., enables one-hand squeeze operation. It features an ergonomic, curved profile specifically designed for easy mounting to tubular frames and curved structures. For example, when mounted on ladders of large off-highway vehicles, it lets operators easily release a door mechanism while keeping both hands on the ladder—safely opening the door and helping eliminate a potential falling hazard.

A cable connects the AC-50 to an R4 rotary latch, creating a reliable remote-latching mechanism. And when the actuator mounts to a tube, the cable can be concealed inside of it and easily routed to the latch, enhancing security.

The actuator measures about 6.6 in. long, 1.7 in. high, and 1.1 in. wide; is made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant glass-filled nylon; and is tested to 40,000 cycles. It is suited for both indoor and outdoor use in construction equipment and RVs, as well as in marine, industrial, and other applications.

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