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Modular and Flexible Conveyor Meets Most Needs

The VarioFlow-plus chain-conveyor system's components, drive units, and accessories work with all conveyor widths.

Today’s conveyor systems have to deal with a wide variety of products and smaller batches, yet still be easy to reconfigure for handling new tasks. To address those demands, Bosch Rexroth Corp., headquartered in Germany, developed the VarioFlow plus chain-conveyor system. Its components, drive units, and accessories work with all conveyor widths, which range from 0.2 to 1 ft. (65 mm to 320 mm). This makes it easy to specify and assemble a conveyor layout.

Aluminum and stainless-steel versions are available. While the aluminum version is lightweight and rustproof, the stainless-steel option is well-suited for the food and healthcare industries because its components are made of FDA-compliant materials. The belt consists of easy-to-assemble sliding components—no machining necessary —that conform to corners to reduce wear and keep noise to under 6 dBA. The belt withstands tensile forces of up to 280 lb (1250 N).

Users have flexibility in assembling the conveyor. For example, drive and return units have hollow shafts on both sides so users can choose where to mount the motor. They can also choose the motor’s orientation. To simplify component selection, Bosch Rexroth offers MTpro planning software with Layout Designer. It lets users select components, assemble a virtual layout that meets their application’s needs, and have the results output to a CAD system.

The conveyor can transfer loads up and down slopes. For moving small items common in the automotive and electronic industries, a pallet system is available to carry batches of small components. The conveyor handles loads up to 17.5 lb. when using functional modules such as diverters and positioners, or up to 33 lb. if no such modules are needed. Travel speed ranges from 13 to 59 feet per minute.

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