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3 Sealing and Labelling Machines You Shouldn’t Miss at PACK Expo

3 Sealing and Labelling Machines You Shouldn’t Miss at PACK Expo

At PMMI's PACK and Pharma Expo, these machines are highlighted for their versatility in sealing and serialization. Their increased efficiency over previous models allows for faster production while preserving product integrity and reducing defects. 

1. Herma's Tamper-Evident Machine outfits pharmaceutical cartons with anti-counterfeiting and track-and-trace features.

Herma US Inc., the newly-formed subsidiary of HERMA GmbH, is presenting its labeling machinery and self-adhesive labels useful to the global packaging marketplace. It will also showcase several enhanced-labeling machines at Pharma Expo. Herma US highlights the capabilities of its Tamper-Evident Machine with Serialization to outfit a range of pharmaceutical cartons with anti-counterfeiting and track-and-trace features. Utilizing software linked to its vision system, the machine can print a unique identity and 2D matrix code onto each individual carton. All data on the serialized cartons is stored so that the manufacturer can track each package at any point in the supply chain.  Also operating at 300 products per minute, The tamper-evident machine with Serialization is compatible with vision systems from all major suppliers. It is operated from one side and is also available with a 3rd label applicator for vignette labeling.

2. IMA Dairy

Also exhibiting at PACK Expo is IMA Dairy & Food USA. The company is showcasing its Erca EF 320L Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) machine at Booth S3547. The machine increases production relative to previous FFS equipment by IMA Dairy & Food, and has been used by companies that require ultra-clean hygienic operations. For example, France-based dairy manufacturer, Triballatincorporates Class-10 laminar-flow systems or tunnels for sanitization. Using the EF 320L FFS Machine, Triballat  was able to achieve Class 100 laminar flow over the lidding foil zone and machine inlet; the FFS machine also provides a UVC area for lidding foil and a bacteriological filter for the forming air. The EF 320L FFS machine has been credited with processing upwards of 20,000 cups per hour at 18 to 30 cycles per minute. It has a maximum forming depth of 100 mm, which is especially suitable for containers in the dairy industry, and is available in clean, ultra clean, and aseptic formats.

At Booth W-994 at Pharma Expo, which takes place concurrently with PACK Expo, Antares Vision demonstrates its track-and-trace serialization machines for the pharmaceutical industry. The Print & Check Flex Machine will demonstrate its ability to run a wide range of formats on the same line, accommodating variations in carton dimensions, artwork, and code-printing specifications. With line speeds up to 300 cartons per minute, it can handle carton sizes from “match box” to “shoe box” weighing up to 500 grams.


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