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3D-Vision Systems Revolutionize Sealing, Product Inspection at PACK Expo

3D-Vision Systems Revolutionize Sealing, Product Inspection at PACK Expo

Cognex Corporation showcases its 3D-vision, barcode-reading, and inspection systems integral for streamlining manufacturing in the food and packaging industries. A main attraction at Booth #S-2878 will be the DS1000 series of 3D displacement sensors that address applications that demand high-resolution measurements of height, volume, and tilt of parts.

1. Cognex's DS1000 Series of 3D displacement sensors scan products for volume measurements and portion control.

​In addition to capabilities in seal inspection and barcode reading, Cognex will demonstrate the functionality of its sensors for portion control in the food industry. The company will demonstrate its DS1300 sensors by mounting it onto a scanning robot equipped with a VC5 Vision Controller. The system will be used to calculate the volume of food on individual trays so that they meet specifications and user-defined tolerances.

Next, a linear stage employs two DS1101 sensors for flexible calibration when inspecting seal inspection by that establish common inspections planes to measure defects as small as 0.5 mm², and generate bag-seal thickness measurements. The technology is useful for detecting broken vacuum seals, open-air channels, and food debris in the seal.

Cognex will also be showcasing its DataMan fixed-mount and handheld barcode readers, credited with reading even severely damaged codes and performing high-speed 1-D and 2-D label reading. The DataMan 8050 and 8050X will be highlighted for their Java scripting abilities.

Finally, an In-Sight vision solution will demonstrate capabilities in assembly and labeling verification. The high-speed Code-In-Motion demonstration will read 1100 water bottles per minute, and a color-vision sensor will detect the presence of lebels on products and confirm that it matches the correct package color. 

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